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What follows is an inspiring email from Hans regarding Jump Start to Recovery. Follow Hans’ remarkable work on facebook:  http://facebook.com/challenging.parkinson
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Enrollments still available for the Parkinsons Recovery Jump Start to Recovery program which starts in March.

Robert Rodgers PhD
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

“Your program provides extremely value in guiding me through the process I had already embarked on. The guidance you provide as well as the guidance the other participants provide through their stories is rock solid spot on , so my body confirms. 

Allowing to feel the old pains – getting presented where they come from , processing and synchronizing the mind and body and .. releasing the old energy captured in my body after that is on my daily menu – all comments provide confirmation of, and context to that what I am going through all is part of the process.

Medication camouflages the real ‘feeling it’, processing it and cleaning it up – therefore I can imagine that when people take medication it is hard to help them heal, as the experience remains hidden. Until also max medication can’t cover it up any longer –
The area where medication does not yet or not anymore camouflages the symptoms is the area where the work lays. That’s where the nasty bits stick up their ugly heads, asking and yelling to be felt, recognized and healed.

So grateful that I was pointed at, and was given the techniques to handle the phenomena that then arise, through the guidance received from many, as a preparation for the release process which is now intensifying, and the relief that that brings afterwards - every time again.

So grateful for folks like yourselves!! Just had to let you know.

Grateful regards,”


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