Jump Start the Road to Recovery

Jump Start the Road to Recovery

Many people prefer to suppress Parkinson’s symptoms with treatments so that they feel better quickly. There is an obvious downside to this popular approach. There will never be an end to treating symptoms├é┬ásince the root causes have not been identified and healed.Are you interested in considering alternative approaches to healing your Parkinson’s symptoms from the inside-out? Would you like to discover and heal the root cause of your symptoms? If so, join us for the March Parkinsons Recovery Jump Start to Recovery program. It is a program where you are in the driver’s seat.

Seize the opportunity today to take advantage of the early bird special for a 40% discount on the tuition.

Robert Rodgers PhD

P.S. Participants in the January Jump Start to Recovery Program have been making remarkable progress in their journey down the road to recovery.

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