Jump Start to Recovery at Alderbrook

Finally! A comprehensive approach to recovery.

After a decade of researching what it takes to reverse Parkinson’s symptoms, I have developed a vast set of powerful tools and resources that are helping more and more people reverse their symptoms. The Parkinsons Recovery resources are free and readily
accessible by connecting to the radio show archives, blog posts, Sunday Connections programs and Parkinsons Recovery newsletters. The bounty of free resources are scattered across the dozen websites that I maintain which means they can be difficult to locate (as you have probably already experienced!). It is great they the resources are free. It is not so great they are so difficult to locate.

I am solving this problem as I celebrate Father’s Day! Two incredible resources will make it easy to access the information and support for recovery that has been so helpful to so many who experience Parkinson’s symptoms. This vast body of instructional and
support resources in the form of videos, book downloads and audios are being uploaded into a marvelous Jump Start to Recovery course which will soon be accessible anytime from your computer or smart phone.

If you register now the new Jump Start to Recovery Course includes enrollment in the 2 1/2 day Jump Start program at the Alderbrook resort in Washington which offers the support for recovery that can only be provided in person.


I would be honored to connect with you in person at Alderbrook Jump Start program. Register for the early bird special and get the Jump Start to Recovery course for free.

Jump Start to Recovery is the perfect name for what happens. You get a golden opportunity to jump start your recovery by removing any and all roadblocks that have hindered your ability to get well now.


Robert Rodgers PhD
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Recovery

2 thoughts on “Jump Start to Recovery at Alderbrook

  1. Can you please help me find a doctor that follows Dr. Hinz amino acid protocal. I feel this therapy will help me. I have Parkinson and live in the Bakesfield, Fresno area.
    Thank you,
    Robert Sanford

  2. Hi:

    There are a limited number of physicians who use his protocol. Apparently, you have to buy your products through his company to be certified. I believe there is a listing on his website of doctors approved to follow his protocol. I would call his office to retrieve a current listing of names and addresses. Physician Assistant David Overton follows the Hinz his protocol. He has been a guest on the radio show several times and does do long distance consultations for people.

    Robert Rodgers PhD
    Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

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