Learning to Live with a Chronic Disease

Florence Caplow is a conservation
botanist, Soto Zen priest, and writer.
For the last ten years her primary
practice has been learning to live –
with some kind of grace – with a
chronic and painful auto-immune
illness, diagnosed as Undifferentiated
Connective Tissue Disease.

The illness forced her to give up
full-time work. She has chosen to spend
several years without a home: in retreat,
in the mountains and deserts, and
wherever she’s called to be.

Florence talks about her interview with
Michael Sawyer, Zen priest with Parkinson’s,
who died in 2008. Michael told Florence that
the best years of his life were the last
five because of the joy he experienced
through his painting. Florence tells us Michael
was a true inspiration to everyone who knew
him. So is she.

EVENT: Learning to Live with a Chronic Disease
To hear the recording, click this link now …

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

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