Parkinson’s Stem Cell Therapy


I’ve been researching Fetal Cell Implants.  What is your position on this subject?


If we give the body the fuel (through food) that it needs, it can heal itself and replace whatever deficiencies are present in the body – whether stem cells or neurons or the cells that produce dopamine. The body can not manufacture the food that it needs to function itself, so our responsibility is to give our own bodies the fuel it needs to do its own work.

My belief is that external interventions in the long run usually undermine the body’s natural ability to heal. They can create an underlying imbalance among the body’s intricate systems that are all interrelated. We may be able to fix one issue in the body, but this will ultimately impact all of the other systems. The body has difficulty keeping balance when external forces take control over one or more of its functions.

I have planned to do an interview with a researcher working outside the box who is investigating how the body manufactures its own new stem cells.  This possibility is certainly exciting. I will place that interview higher up on the list so we can all learn more about this fascinating possibility.  I personally think the body is capable of doing anything.


Is there another source (book) that you would recommend that outlines overall diet (recommended foods, and foods to avoid) specifically for PD?


There are several wonderful sources that are fantastic for giving you the basic foundation of nutrition that is necessary to heal illness. You can get extensive information about Dorit’s recipes and her work on the Parkinsons Recovery Member web site. Her work is awesome.

There is also a very informative interview I did with her that is posted on the web site. By listening to my interview with her you hear some wonderful suggestions for people with the symptoms of Parkinson. I have received many rave reviews about that particular interview.

You can sign up until May 31st  to get free access to the member website at for 30 days. Hang around the member web site for 30 days. Take advantage of all Dorit’s recipes and information you will find on the website. Her books are listed there, along with recipes she recommends that are posted daily. You can experiment with a few of her dishes to see if her approach helps you feel better.

If you are taking certain medications, be aware that there are very specific dietary issues that can arise. For example, eating protein interferes with the efficacy of certain medications. Be sure to consult with your doctor or nutritional counselor about any possible confounds with medications you may take in conjunction with the dietary program you decide to adopt.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

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