Living with Parkinson’s

Those of you currently living with Parkinson’s symptoms who have been eagerly waiting to purchase Anne Atkin’s new book, Still Laughing, need wait no longer. Her new treasure has just been released. Email Anne at to purchase her new book or visit her website and pay using paypal:

Cost is 40.00 (Australian dollars) which includes the book, packaging and postage.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

Below is brief update from Anne on her recent experiences down the road to recovery. I plan on having her as a guest on the radio
show soon.

You know how much I believe in the restorative effects of exercise, well at the moment I am taking part in a pilot study about the positive effects of dance. Tomorrow I have my next lesson in learning the Argentine Tango. I have started doing some cartoons labelled The Argentine Tangle!

Anne Atkin

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