Lyme Disease and Parkinson’s Symptoms

Here is an email from Frank as a follow-up to my post from yesterday.


“Robert, Very interesting.   My PCP, in internist with a specialty in infectious diseases (with extended experience in Africa treating AIDS)  responded immediately to symptoms of Lyme disease in 2012.  I was not at the “red circle” (initial stage) but had swelling and fluid in elbows and ankles.  She had me undergo tests for Lymes and bingo that’s what I had and was immediately put on antibiotics.  I guess that got rid of the Lyme.
However, two years later, in Jan of 2014 I started “foot dragging” and in May was diagnosed with Parkinson’s.  Second opinion and DAT scan at Mayo Clinic here in Phoenix absolutely confirms “reduced dopamine in brain” – conclusive evidence I have Parkinsons.
I brought up the issue of Lyme disease as a “precipitating factor” in getting PD (my uncle and maternal grandfather both had PD).
Brilliantly I connected the dots.  Genetic predisposition for PD, Lyme disease as the trigger.  Idea has been poo poo’d by my PCP…. but I am personally convinced.
I am planning to circumvent my regular physicians and get on LDN next week.  I don’t give a tinker’s damn what they think about its efficacy.  I am not wasting my time trying to “convince” anybody.  Jacking up my immune system is justified based on a family history of prostate cancer, I could use an emotional boost, the “placebo effect” .. I’ll have some of that…. and its important to “do something” that is proactive besides wearing myself out on my exercycle.  Besides… its my body and I decide what to do with it.
I’m quite sure there is a link with Lyme disease in the etiology of Parkinsons in my case.”

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