Meditation and Fibromyalgia

This interview addresses one approach that helps caretakers, meditation. In this interview with a couple, the wife Carolyn has chronic fibromyalgia, the husband John is the caretaker. John will talk about how meditation helps him in his role as caretaker.

Carolyn’s illness here is not Parkinsons, but I thought many people, especially caretakers, would be interested in listening to the discussion. Find information below.  

EVENT:  How Meditations Helps with Illness and Caretaking
DATE & TIME: Friday, May 1st at 10:00am Pacific
FORMAT: Simulcast! (Attend via Phone or Webcast — it’s your choice)


John Wiley and Carolyn Milling have been married over twenty years and live in Bellingham, WA.  Carolyn, an artist and retired mental health worker, has struggled with fibromyalgia for many years.  At time the pain is incapacitating. 

John, a psychotherapist, has practiced Zen meditation for 15 years, and the difference this has made in ability to be more caring and compassionate towards his wife’s pain and illness is amazing according to Carolyn. 

Together they will speak with us about this wonderful transformation.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

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