How do I Jump Start My Recovery Program?


As I told you on the broadcast you held this week past:  I AM LISTENING TO YOU!  I am tired if feeling bad EVERYDAY!!
Since reading this today I WANT TO GET OFF MY ARTIFICIAL MEDS but don’t know exactly what to replace them.  I have beefed up my immune system starting 1-3 months with CoQ10-12mgs/daily, Vit E- 32mgs/daily; Vit C-300mgs/ daily along with MACUNA – 50% L-Dopa……….ALL NATURAL MEDS provided by God…. I am currently on Carbidopa-Levodopa – 50/200 4Xdaily, Mirapex-1.5mg/3 X daily, Benicar (B/P) 40/12.5mg daily………….how do I do this safely to not FREEZE, SHAKE to death, toes CURLING UNDER to lots of pain thigh and knee pain,,,,,,,etc…….
I have begun MOSTLY vegetarian diet, high fiber, fish, eat most daily intake of protein end of day, etc……..
I hear so much – even following Michael J Fox these past couple weeks on television – but feel mainly confused BUT DETERMINED to RECOVER FROM PARKINSONS.
I have very little money due to EXTRAORDINARY business / personal financial loss so I have difficulty even committing to John Coleman’s $49/ 12-step deal.
 Are you in a position to advise me how I can JUST START recovery now ——– rather than later?


You have taken the most important step. You have set the clear intention to heal. Our thoughts are the most powerful force in the universe, so by eliminating negative thought forms and establishing for yourself a clear commitment to heal, good things are happening.

Healing does not happen tomorrow or next year. It is happening now, in this very moment. It happens as a benefit of your thoughts and your actions. Stay tuned to my weekly radio program. You will hear suggestions there that will help you now. Your body knows how to heal itself. You just have to listen.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

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