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Hi – I’ve been going through the archives of your show and am trying a  few things little by little. I can’t stress enough the hope it has given me! Thank you.

I can’t seem to access the blog (I’m in Ireland?) and was wondering if you’ve covered the topic of Zandopa also known ad Mucuna Puriens of Kapikachu Choornam – ayurvedic herbal dopaminergic.

Are you familiar with this? I’d love to know your subscribers’ experiences.


I am so delighted to hear that you have found helpful information from listening to the Parkinsons Recovery Radio Show. All shows are archived and can be accessed any time of the day or night no matter where you live in the world. Access is free. I have been airing live shows since 2009, so there is a wealth of information that can be mined from  listening to the past shows.

It sounds like you have had a challenge navigating to the blog. The URL address of the Parkinsons Recovery Blog is:

Categories are listed on the right side of the main page. Click on the category listed as “mucuna” and five posts on the topic will be presented. 

Yes, I am very familiar with mucuna as a treatment used by some people to treat symptoms of Parkinson’s.  One significant challenge is finding a quality source of mucuna. It is sold from many sources, but the energetic charge in most of the products is minimal.  

Another resource I highly recommend is a fava bean website. Aunt Bean regularly posts updates on growing fava beans and mucuna on her farm in Tennessee. She will be hosting a workshop in June to show people how to make a homemade tincture from fava bean sprouts. Aunt Bean’s tincture has provided her with remarkable relief from her symptoms.

The URL address of the fava bean website is:

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Pioneers of Recovery

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