Music Therapy

Many people who experience Parkinson’s symptoms cannot believe that something as simple and inexpensive as music therapy can provide any symptom relief whatsoever They insist that an expensive treatment like stem cell therapy can offer the promise of helping to reverse symptoms. I am here to tell you today that this belief is dead wrong! The simple, inexpensive therapies often provide the biggest bang for the buck!

Parkinsons Recovery Radio Features a Show on Music Therapy

My special guest on the radio show next week is Kris Warren who has traveled across the globe interviewing experts on the benefits of music as a therapy for reversing chronic illnesses such as Parkinson’s disease. Kris is also a music artist who recently discovered Music Therapy. He wrote a song last year about how music is his therapy not realizing Music Therapy is a viable treatment option for chronic illnesses.

Kris will be joined on the radio show by Professor Michael Thaut from Colorado State University whose research has focused on the application of music for the neurologic rehabilitation of impaired cognitive and motor functions.

Visit the Parkinsons Recovery Radio show page to get the full scoop on this exiting holiday show.

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