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Ever wonder whether music can help give relief from the symptoms of Parkinson’s? The answer is yes! There lies the potential that music therapy can provide a huge benefit which can help sustain health and wellness.

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On my radio program this morning I interview Dr. Wendy Magee, international expert on music therapy from the Institute of Neuropalliative Rehabilitation in London. The website links she refers to in the interview are listed below.

Information on Music / Music Therapy and Neurology

The Institute of Neuropalliative Rehabilitation is home to an informative website about the use of music and music therapy for people living with acquired neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, stroke and other acquired brain injuries. The website outlines the work of the Music Therapy Neurology Network, a global virtual network which shares information and knowledge about music and neurology. Anyone is welcome to join this network – whether music therapy professional, person with neurological illness, carer or research/clinical professional interested in music and neurology. Although the website content is currently largely geared to professionals, new pages will be added in the near future specifically for people living with neurological illness and their carers. The website has a a wealth of information on published research on Music Therapy and neurology, links to Music Therapy organisations around the world, and links to other websites on music and neurology.

This is the website for the Institute for Music and Neurologic Function based at Beth Abraham Hospital in the Bronx, New York, directed by Dr. Connie Tomaino. This website has a wealth of information about music therapy in neurology for professionals, people with neurological illness and their careers.

The Center for Biomedical Research in Music. This website has useful information for those interested in research and evidence-based practice in music therapy and neurology, including lists of publications in areas of related research. It also has information about the Neurologic Music Therapy training (NMT) at the ‘Robert F. Unkefer’ Academy of Neurologic Music Therapy.

Neurosong Music Therapy aims to continuously use music as an innovative treatment tool grounded in scientifically-validated, neurologic-based research. The website provides useful information and strives to enhance the public awareness and credibility of music therapy as a necessary and unique treatment modality.

Neuromúsica es el primer sitio referencial en español dedicado a difundir los beneficios de la neuromusicoterapia (NMT) y los efectos y estudios de la música en el área de las Neurociencias. Fue creado en el año 2008 para desarrollar el crecimiento de la MT y promover la cooperación entre países de América Latina, siendo un sitio para el intercambio de la información y las experiencias internacionales. Asimismo, para colaborar en la educación y especialización en NMT.

Neuromusica is the first website in Spanish dedicated to outlining the benefits of music therapy in neurology and the study of music in the neurosciences. It collaboration across the South American countries, it aims to exchange information and experiences in music therapy and neurology.

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