Toxin Exposure and the Symptoms of Parkinsons Disease

When I present the argument that toxins are
one factor that causes the symptoms of
Parkinson’s, some people immediately reply,

I have never been exposed, so toxins can not
be a factor in my case.

Clearly, they may be dead right. Toxins may
not a primary factor or even a
contributing factor. But let me give you a
reason why you may have been exposed to toxins
and did not even know it.

For 30 years government laws have
required the application of fire retardants
(polybrominated diphenyl ethers or PBDEs)
in clothes, furniture and bedding to
withstand 12 seconds of contact with an
open flame. This toxin can be detected in
the furniture and clothes in most homes
in the United States.

What is the big deal you ask? This particular
toxin causes a disruption in the production
of thyroid hormones and, to make matters worse,
interferes with functioning of the nervous system.

So you say, if the toxin is in the bedding of
furniture, surely it is no big deal. If it is not
disturbed, surely it can’t cause me any harm!

I honor your optimism, but I am afraid it is
unfounded. The chemical is released from
the furniture in tiny dust particles that
are released from normal wear and tear.

A reason this news is particularly problematic for
Parkinson’s is that functioning of the thyroid
is primary to being able to balance the over
40 hormones in the body.

I will be gathering information from a number of
experts (naturopaths, medical doctors, etc.)
in the coming months who will address
a variety of approaches for detoxifying the body
of harmful metals, chemicals and toxins. My first
teleseminar is with an expert in hydration which
is key to any detox program.

I have invited Dr. Jaroslav Boublik to discuss
various approaches for hydrating cells of the body
and the issues associated with dehydration.
I hope you can join us for the interview on Friday.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

© 2008 Parkinsons Recovery

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