Dopamine Levels and Amino Acid Therapy


Are you familiar with and the
neurotransmitter protocols recommended by Dr. Marty Hinz?
If so, what is your experience with people who have tried
these methods?



Yes, I am very familiar with his work and find his approach
to be intuitively fascinating. The treatment emphasis with Marty
Hinz’s approach uses amino acid therapy. It is novel
approach used in clinics throughout the US for addressing the
symptoms of Parkinson’s. Nothing in itself “cures,” but
amino acid therapy appears to be helping people.  

Levodopa raises the level of dopamine sky high relative to the
level of serotonin in the body. When a person who takes Levodopa
eats protein, they ingest tirosines.  Tirosines increase dopamine.

The key to health is to maintain the proper balance between
serotonin and dopamine. Pumping more dopamine into the body
can create a persistent imbalance that aggravates the
symptoms. Amino acid therapy appears helps to balance the

I have planned interviews with the doctors using this approach
with Parkinson’s patients, so we will all know more about
his therapy in the new future.

I invite anyone with personal experiences using the clinic’s
protocol to tell us more about your experience  by posting
a comment here.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

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16 thoughts on “Dopamine Levels and Amino Acid Therapy

  1. Hello Dr. Hinz,
    My name is Miriam. I am very interested in getting help for my husband (68 years old that was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease 10 years ago.) Upon trying to make an appointment with Dr. Frank Shallenberger of Reno, I was told that he is booked till Dicember, but they gave me your name, Dr. Marty Hinz, to see if you can help treat my husband’s degenerative disease.
    With great hope I am writing to this site to see if you, Drd Hinz, can help with this debilitating ailment of Prkinson’s. Withing the last 3 months, especially the last two weeks my husband has not been feeling good, his legs get locked up – frozen and can’t walk for at least 20 minutes or so, his memory is failing and feels fuggier, his breathing is becoming shorter and gets dizzy – his mouth has got worse in the twiching. His doctor tells him to add more levodopa and tried to give him some medication for the twitching of his mouth, but he said that this medication will make my husband hallucinate. No, I cannot accept that, neither my husband.
    Can you please tell me if there is a HOPE to cure this disease, or at least slow it to the point that the patient can feel more normal and happy?
    Do you work by phone like Dr. Shallengerger, or shall we go to your office. Of course, that depending where you are located – we are in the subburbs or Los Aangeles, Ca.
    I will be very anxcious hearing from you ASAP.
    Thank you for your help and concern that you will provide me with.
    You can also send me your phone number to get in touch with you, if possible.
    Thank you in advance.
    Miriam S.

  2. My husband has Parkinson’s disease. He has had it for 14 years and he is 71 years old.
    He has tremors, drooling, shuffles his feet, his thought process is slow and harder for him. He has lost strength in his hands and arms. He has lost feeling in his fingers. He has been going to Dr. Pauline Harding in Aurora, Illinois. We’ve been working for about 5 months with her. He doesn’t seem to be making any progress. We are sending in another urine sample this week. I know we haven’t got the right combination of pills yet. I was wondering if you can give us some advise. I would appreciate a reply to this.

  3. Hi:

    Keep in mind that it may take a little time for your husband to see results. My reaction is that you are pursuing one viable option that is known to help some people reverse their symptoms. There are so many other possibilities to consider! The people who have reversed their symptoms typically pursue multiple strategies. They also focus on what is causing the problem.

    If you suspect trauma is an underlying issue I invite you to sign up for my free Jump Start to Recovery Crash course. It provides ways your husband can release traumas that may be contributing to the symptoms.

    Robert Rodgers PhD
    Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

  4. Four years ago I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease after having exhibited symptoms for about 4 years earlier with minor tremors in my left hand. I am currently being treated with carbidopa/levodopa and Azelect to control the symptoms. I realize that this treatment only treats the symptoms but doesn’t stop the progression of the disease. I do receive Dr. Frank Shallenberger MD Second Opinion in the mail and an article is the most recent issue about your work with the banned diet pill and amino acids gave me hope that this terrible condition can possibly be reversed. I am currently seeing Charlece Hughes, D.O. at the Clinical NeuroScience in Ft. Worth, TX where she is a P.A. She hasn’t suggested any treatments like the ones you have, only to increase my medication as things get worse or progress. Is there any way you can help or suggest a treatment in this area? I live west of Ft. Worth in Weatherford.

  5. Hi:

    There are dozens of wonderful natural treatments and approaches that help people reverse Parkinson’s symptoms. As you can well appreciate there are tons of suggestions for strategies that help on this website alone. People who succeed with reversing their symptoms take control over their recovery program rather than assuming someone else will figure it all out for them.

    Your approach will also vary depending on whether you want to suppress symptoms with medications and supplements and/or heal from the inside-out. Finding the right practitioner depends often on what is causing your symptoms.

    A resource I have currently released is an Online Jump Start to Recovery program. You might want to check that resource out – it is available to anyone located anywhere – to see if the content calls out to you. I have set up a coupon for you in the event you decide to join up. Just click on the Jump Start Link above to check the course out.

    Robert Rodgers PhD
    Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

  6. Can anyone give me the name of a doctor that practices dr.Marty Hinz amino acid pro-tocol for Parkinsons treatment peferrable in the southern Michigan orNw Ohio area
    for that matter i would travel anywhere in the US. I would like to get a grip on it before is gets a grip on me. Here is my e-mail any communication woul be appretiated.

    LG helmut

  7. I am currently on Dr Hinz’ protocol as administered by the Brain and Body Wellness Center i n Dallas. Dr Ross Stewart is the overseeing Doctor. My Neurologist was recently very impressed with my condition.

    Also check out the book “Mucuna vs Parkinson’s: Treatment with Natural Levodopa” on Amazon.

  8. I am very interested in receiving more information on Dr Hinz amino therapy. My mother is 80 years old and was diagnosed with Parkinson’s at the age of 68. She is currently on several medications including levadopa. She has read several articles on Dr Hinz’ amino therapy but we are not sure of success results. Is there a Neurologist in the Knoxville TN area that is working with therapy? Thank you

  9. Hi: I have invited Dr. Hinz to be a guest on Parkinsons Recovery Radio but sadly he has been unavailable. I have interviewed guest David Overton who uses the Dr. Hinz protocol in his work as a physician assistant. He also offers long distance consultations. My interview with him is available for replay for free at:

    Robert Rodgers PhD
    Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

  10. There is supposed to be a dr office out of ann arbor administering Marty Hinz protocol any body out there who knows the name of that Dr.

  11. Dr.Hinz, good afternoon.

    My name is Olga , I’m specialist in Internal Diseases in Israel.
    Our Clinic mostly helps in the treatment of medical tourists from all over the world.

    One of our patient 42 yrs old, musician, producer, actor.
    Was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. the description of his medical history better to send you privately.

    We ask you to help with your private consultation to our patient.

    we are very grateful to you in advance!

    may you tell how to connect with you in order to send all patient’s documents?

  12. This protecol can be almost impossible to benefit from. It depends on finding the perfect therapeutic dose for each person, and a doctor willing to spend a huge amount of time guiding the patient to this dose. Most doctors using the program do not see you in person except for the initial consultation and after that all communication is by email or phone. Understanding exactly what is needed and what is happening can be very difficult. I tried this protecol for almost six months and in the end had to go back on Sinemet and Ropinerole. Not only did we fail to find the therapeutic dose, it was also very expensive, messy and exhausting. I was willing to spend a lot of time and money to feel better, but it never worked, no matter what.

  13. As a neurologist who specializes in Parkinsons Disease, this “amino acid” treatment is nothing more than a money grab as Nancy’s admission above states. Any treatment that promises to fix anyone and also had the ability to treat multiple diseases is a sham with zero scientific evidence to back it up.

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