Parkinsons Disease Treatment: Who can Help Parkinsons in India?


My distant uncle got this problem. He is
in India do you know any medical centres in
India/Singapour any country near to India
that can cure it. 


There is a clinic in Ahmedabad India
that has helped people with Parkinson’s
for many, many generations. They use
an Ayurvedic approach and emphasize
getting the digestive system back on
track. They also grow their own herbs. 

I have had interviews with some people
on the United States who have received
assistance from this clinic and report
encouraging results.

I encourage anyone else who has had
experience with Dr. Paneri’s clinic  to
put their two cents worth and tell us all 
about your experience! 

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.

© 2008 Parkinsons Recovery

One thought on “Parkinsons Disease Treatment: Who can Help Parkinsons in India?

  1. Contact Dr. Asha Kishor at Sri Chitra Insittute in Trivandrum. She was the neurologist whom we consulted for my brother’s treatment. they also do DBS Hope this helps

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