Opportunity to Participate in 23 and Me Research

I am helping to advance research in Parkinson’s by participating in the 23andMe Parkinson’s Community. I’m asking you to consider publicizing this research program to help in the fight against Parkinson’s. All that is required for people diagnosed with PD is $25 (regular cost to join 23andMe is over $400), a saliva sample and the ability to answer questionnaires over the Internet. 23andMe hopes to get 10,000 people with Parkinson’s involved–they are almost halfway there already!

More information about the program is available at www.23andme.com/pd/. When you’re ready to sign up, request a discount code at www.23andme.com/pd/codereq. You can contact 23andMe at pd-help@23andme.com if you have any questions.



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