Fungus Infections and Parkinsons


I would like to know if there is any information available about a connection between Parkinson’s and Candida Albicans?



I am convinced there is a direct link between fungus infections in the body and the symptoms of Parkinson’s.  I am also convinced there is a powerful connection between thoughts and the prevalence of candida yeast infections in the body.

I discussed the connection during my Parkinsons Recovery radio program which aired on May 7, 2009. You can listen to the full program by visiting the radio program page, and then scrolling back almost a year to my May 7th, 2009  program. The program is titled “Five Steps to Recovery from Parkinson’s disease.”

Once you arrive on the radio program website you will have to scroll back through the programs that have aired. At the bottom of the page there is a link that says “previous programs.” Keep clicking on that link until you roll back to this particular program.

I begin with a discussion about the profound relationship between thought forms and the symptoms of Parkinson’s which is the theme of my book Five Steps to Recovery. I then discuss the connection between candida (or yeast infections) and thought forms. Once you locate the program and start listening, hang in there. I begin discussing the link about 5 minutes into the show.

To hear the program (or download it) visit

You will also note there is a category link at the right of this blog titled “candida.” Click on that category now and you will see several articles on the topic of candidate.

You won’t find this information anywhere but here at Parkinsons Recovery!

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