Parkinsons and Exercise


Delay the Disease -Exercise and Parkinson’s Disease -  by David Zid – has been recommended to me.  I am  wondering however how I will know which exercises are the most helpful to me.  Wouldn’t this be the sort of
thing a PT (physical therapist) would be needed for?

Or not?




I have heard reports back from people who tell me David Zid’s book has been helful, as is the work of  Kevin Lockette who is a physical therapist, Arieh Breslow who has developed a DVD on Tai Chi and Qi Gong and Kristina Mauak who has created a DVD on Qi Gong.

In my opinion, it is a smart  idea to involve a person like David, Kevin, Arieh or Kristina in tailoring an exercise program that suits your current needs. Coaches can help you sort out which exercises will be most helpful today and provide the personal support that can be so helpful. Each of the incredible professionals I listed above develop personalized exercise programs for people with the symptoms of Parkinson’s.

It is also about asking for help, which in itself is healing. You do not want to start with exercises that are too strenuous because you will likely get discouraged and quit. I believe the key is to find a form of exercise that you love to do. If it is a joyous activity, it will become and habit. Your body will love you for taking care of it every day.

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