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Just diagnosed in July, and am positive and shooting for full recovery. Progression seems to be slow, however can’t find anywhere to compare progression to.



My suggestion is to compare your own progress against yourself. Forget about the progress of everyone else. This approach is called a “pre-post within subject design.” This is a  fancy, scientific  way of saying that you create a baseline of your symptoms and then track your symptoms over time.

The sample size is one – yourself. It is the most meaningful result you can ever get since your body is unique to itself.

Track your symptoms using the Parkinsons Recovery Symptom Tracker which will always be free to use and always accessible. It is easy to use. You will need register by entering an e mail address and password. It is anonymous, so no other information is required.

You then  log on to the Parkinsons Recovery Symptom Tracker and answer 39 questions about your symptoms. Once your personal baseline is established, you can answer the same questions over and over, giving you a plot of your progression over time.  Using  Parkinsons Recovery Symptom tracker regularly is a great way to celebrate your progress toward feeling better.

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