Parkinsons Disease Diagnosis and Treatment for Pain

The following correspondence was
received from Marne. I thought this
would surely be of interest to others.

My husband was diagnosed in 2006 with PD. 
We had MRI’s, CAT scans, Xrays of his whole
spine & shoulder. Found several herniated disks
in the cervical & lumbar areas & arthritis
in his shoulder. For 3 years the neurologists
said there wasn’t anything we could do. 

We just recently (3 weeks ago) went to a pain
specialist who said the shoulder & right arm,
hip & leg pain (all of the right side) is
probably due to the herniations.  He recommended
an epidural steroid in his cervical spine area
to relieve the pain. 

My husband did the procedure & during the
injection he felt his entire right arm get
really hot as the medicine went down & he
even felt it in his legs.  He walked out of
that office being able to raise his arm & use
it for the first time in 3 years. 

He has no more shooting pains in his arms, neck,
back, shoulder, hips & legs.  What the Dr. said
was that his spine was really inflamed.  His only
symptoms are now down to a very slight tremor in
his right arm & not having full strength of his
right leg.  This may or may not be permanent,
only time will tell.  But what I now know is
that inflammation of the spine can be a huge
cause of the pain. 

And unfortunately once a Dr. knows your diagnosis,
he throws every symptom into the Parkinson’s bucket
& doesn’t look outside of the box.  This treatment
has been amazing overnight.  Now he can do the
proper physical therapy so that we can get his
body working again.  And, with God’s blessing, have
the pain stay away permanently.

Thanks so much for your letter. It is proven over and
over that everybody’s situation is unique.  It is
amazing what can happen when you begin considering
different causes for the symptoms and what miracles can
happen with a little experimention.  

PS:  My husband has been on Glutathione @ 4000 mgs/
push IV, 1X or 2X a week for almost 2 years now & that has
helped tremendously. A good website is 
Take a look at the video by David Perlmutter. 

Another site that we are using is 
Her treatment is quite simple and my husband is experiencing
some very interesting changes in his body…more feeling. 
The treatment is simple & FREE.  She has a very interesting
book that is available Free online on her site.  It’s worth
a read.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

© 2008 Parkinsons Recovery

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