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Have you ever heard of a connection between
candida and Parkinson’s?


I am going to answer your question in two parts.
First, I have never seen any research that
considers candida as a factor that causes the
symptoms of Parkinson’s. I must also admit
that I have not done a search to make sure
this observation is correct, but I am almost
positive it is.
The next part of my answer addresses your
question: is there a connection? My answer is
unequivocally yes.

Candida obviously does not cause the
symptoms. Removing candida will not,
in my opinion, relieve all symptoms. But,
candida obstructs the natural process of
digestion. I do know that the more you
can get your digestive system back on
line, the more relief you will get from
your symptoms.
I am guessing this may be your body’s way of
telling you not to eat sugar. There are great
natural substitutes. Sugar is one of the most
deadly neurotoxins that exists. If you can stop
ingesting sugar, you will feel better.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

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