Phantom Smells Anyone?


I have experienced the loss of the ability to smell for a number of years even though I was diagnosed with PD only three years ago BUT I often have phantom smells (wires burning, ammonia, permanent wave solution, smoke and other smells I can’t describe.) I wonder if I am alone in this or have other PD patients experienced this.

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How about it folks? Anyone else experiencing phantom smells like those Sharon describes above? Please write in a comment to let Sharon and the rest of us know your experience with phantom smells.

3 thoughts on “Phantom Smells Anyone?

  1. I have. Sometimes so strong I felt short of breath. After reading someone elses comment suffering from the same thing I gave it a try and believe I found the source. The industry is obviously trying something new or I have suddenly developed an allergy to this but the culprit is Laundry detergent and dryer sheets (perfume). No more dryer sheets. No more scented laundry or bleach. No more phantom smell. I get the feeling there are many of us.

  2. I have experienced odd smells – cigarette smoke and other indescribable but usually unpleasant smells – “damp dog” being one of the worst – since starting on Ropinirole. Recently I have had Levodopa added and have not experienced as many phantom smells.

  3. I too am affected by over whelming scents associated with laundry detergents and fabric softeners. Even when the odor or “fresh” scent is on someone else’s clothing the smell is so intense it will shut down my ability to smell anything else.

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