Spinal Electrical Stimulation


Medication, in addition to self defeating thoughts, makes the Parkinson’s symptoms worse. I  remember that you have written before about the body reacting to medicine by slowing down its own production of dopamine. I am curious about the progression of symptoms before Sinemet was used, and if it was any worse than with the medication. I realize that Sinemet makes me feel better temporarily, but it wears off so suddenly that I can’t believe that it can be beneficial. It truly seems that the body becomes addicted to it.

I am researching, informally, as I have quit my job as a mental health counselor due to PD. I plan to find some relief from this ailment.

Do you know of any country that is doing the spinal electrical  stimulation that was tested successfully on mice at Duke University this year?

Thanks again for all you work with PD.



Thanks for your letter. Your comments and speculations about the medications are certainly fascinating.

I have not heard anything about spinal electrical stimulation that is done in other countries. Anyone else out there have any experience with spinal electrical stimulation either in the US or elsewhere?

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