Swine Flu and Parkinson’s

Some people I talk with have concerns about taking the flu shots which they fear may cause more health problems than they solve. Randy Mentzer, a compounding pharmacist and nutritional counselor who is my my consultant in such matters, informs me there is a homeopathic remedy for the swine flu. This is what Randy writes about this remedy:

There is a homeopathic remedy for swine flue.  This is a h1n1 nosode which is liquid.  For those of you not familiar with homeopathy, the FDA has never found any side effects associated with homeopathic products.

To help prevent the h1n1 virus, adults are suggested to take 10-15 drops under the tongue once a week 30 minutes before meals.  Children aged 4-12 should take one-half the dose.

The therapeutic dose for adults is 10 drops under the tongue three times daily 30 minutes before meals.

Children should take 5 drops under the tongue three times daily 30 minutes before meals.

I cannot personally guarantee that if you take all the precautions in the world and use the homeopathic nosode h1n1 exactly as recommended that you won’t get the flu, but it is an alternative if you are concerned about the flu shot and it probably won’t make you sick.

When you search on the terms “h1n1  nosode” you will see a listing of places that carry this particular remedy. If you have questions, you can always e mail Randy at: randyrph@randyrph.com. He is an invaluable resource.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.

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