Why Wait? Jump Start Your Recovery from Parkinson’s Disease Now

For the first time in five years we are sponsoring a 2 and 1/2 day Jump Start to Recovery program at the Alderbrook Resort in Washington State November 1st – 3rd. The agenda for the program is driven by the goals I have received from the persons who have already signed up to attend.
Here is how the program is shaping up so far. The program will address the following issues:
  • Understand the cause of my Parkinson’s symptoms
  • Receive healing to reverse symptoms
  • Discover what helps other people reverse their symptoms
  • Develop powerful, personal affirmations that will expedite recovery
  • Release trauma that obstructs recovery and fuels stress
  • Clear entanglements in family systems that cause recovery to be roadblocked
The Parkinsons Recovery Alderbrook program provides the support and tools that are useful for persons who are dedicated to reverse the symptoms of Parkinsons using natural methods and therapies. The focus is on healing from the inside-out rather than suppressing symptoms.The theme is to put you in the driver’s seat.
The hotel has just informed me that the special $109 room rate is good until October 16th. Anyone who books after that date will be subject to the best available rate which is currently $175.
It is time now to decide now if you want to attend the Alderbrook Jump Start to Recovery program which is offered specifically to persons with neurological challenges and their families. It promises to be a truly transformative experience.
To take advantage of the low room rate register for the program today at:

One thought on “Why Wait? Jump Start Your Recovery from Parkinson’s Disease Now

  1. hello Robert
    will it be possible to run one of these recovery programs here in Northern Ontario? I would be glad to organize the whole thing…. with your help of course ….sincerely Chris

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