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Calming of the Tremor


This is so exciting.  Last night I clearly noticed a calming of the tremor.  This morning there was a time period of it reverting back to only a thumb tremor (how it started roughly 3 yrs ago). This has not happened before.   Also last night I felt very calm from talking with another soul that truly believes in the bodies memory of wholeness. I’m also amazed at the clearing/calming feeling that blanketed over me while you spoke of the Physical and Energetic relation to Invasion and Parasites as well.  To top it all off, I slept over two hours past my usual 4:15 ish inner wake up alarm.
Three new and likely contributing factors added to the menu of remedies and soul reminders from yesterday:
  •    -A good hard laugh while conversing with Tim B.
  •    -First 1/2 dose of  SYNCOLEIN
  •    -An amazing phone consultation with Dr. RR.

This morning I also discovered NIACIN and its relation to PD.  I’m already naturally eating some of the best sources of B3 but will add more of the higher niacin foods.

I don’t even want to think about how life would be had I not stumbled on your site when I was rather in a blind panic after a rather cruel presentation of a diagnosis and loosing my friend on same day.  It is again with tears that I share my appreciation for your consistent research and openness to share and find us who seek the path of healing.

Use Tremors to Muscle Test

What follows is a fascinating email from an individual traveling down the road to recovery who uses his tremors to great advantage. He refers to himself as “Tao.”  As you will discover below, his tremors are a surprisingly useful tool when it comes to muscle testing!
“I was having little success with trying various muscle testing techniques and it finally dawned on me to ask myself the question, “what might work best for me”.  Before I even finished asking that very question the thought came on like a light switch that I should use the tremor (that by the way I first acknowledged/interpreted as a ‘spiritual gift’ coming through back when I was living and backpacking in the Appellation Mountains last summer) as a method parallel to muscle testing. 
 I extend out my arm and briefly shake it into a relaxed state, then hold the pen as if i were about to write.  The little pause before the tremor is my yes and a more aggressive instant tremor a no.
I could be clueless if this tremor parts!!  lol”

Tremors Treatment

Below is my response to one of the questions ask on the Parkinsons Recovery Sunday Connections program.

Which treatment has gotten the most positive feedback for tremors treatment that reduces or eliminates them?

What is the Best Tremors Treatment?


The resources I mentioned during my recorded response to this question are the following:

Parkinsons Recovery Fava Bean website to document Aunt Bean’s research:

A full description of the Parkinsons Recovery Mindfulness Program can be found by visiting the following website:

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Road to Recovery form Parkinsons Disease

Herbs that Offer Relief For Hand Tremors

Is there anything that can help with Parkinson hand tremors? Tremors started in my right leg and now have spread to my right hand and arm. I’m trying to remain positive. Neurologist gave me Azilect but hasn’t helped at all that I can tell. Should I keep taking it?



If the prescription medications you have been taking have not served the purpose that was intended, it may be time to look elsewhere for options. Of course it would be important to consult with your neurologist before proceeding. If one therapy to treat the tremors is not helpful, I think it is smart to consider other therapeutic options.

Herbalists are wonderful resources in this regard. I have interviewed Andrew Bentley, a highly qualified herbalist from Lexington, Kentucky, who provided several possible herbs that address problems with tremors. Andrew was one of the pioneers that was featured in the first release of Pioneers of Recovery (

The particular form of herb that has the potential to help depends on a wide variety of factors. It would be sweet if the answer would be”Take herb X and you are sure to see relief.” The neurological system is far more complicated than most people realize.

The choice of the particular herb to treat your tremor depends on a variety of factors  including your body type and overall metabolic constitution.

If someone has a lot of tremors but no pain, Andrew Bentley explains that:

“A herb that is an anti-spasmodic might help more than if someone is experiencing a lot of pain and rigidity, in which case we might use an entirely separate type of things. Some things are helpful more or less across the board.”

Several types of herbs have been found to be helpful depending on the person and the situation. Barley Malt extract is one that actually helps with the levels of dopamine in the brain. Oat straw is sometimes helpful for tremors. Andrew explains that oat straw usually does not cause drowsiness. A lot of things that are anti-spasmodic also cause sedation. He further explains that :

Valerian is a much stronger herb for helping to suppress tremors but it does carry some risk of sedation, of feeling more drowsy and so forth especially when people first start taking it. Sometimes that lessons as time goes on. It is a very strong substance when it comes to helping control involuntary muscle movement tremors and involuntary movement of otherwise involuntary muscles. It is a good one for that.

“Passion flower is also one that is helpful for some particular individuals. These are all things that would go into that category of working on tremors.

Last but certainly not least, Aunt Bean has invented a fava bean tincture that offers her profound relief from tremors. You can find detailed information about how she makes her homemade tincture by visiting the Parkinsons Recovery fava bean website:

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Pioneers of Recovery

Best Way to Eliminate a Hand Tremor

Dear Robert:

I need your help. I am 70 years old. I recently discovered that my right hand “tremors a little” when I hold a pen, a cup, or a fork.

My friend told me that I may have early symptom of Parkinson and suggested to take 5 mg. of Enada.

What do you think? What is the best way to eliminate the hand tremor?




I can sense that the comment by your friend that you may be experiencing the early stage of Parkinson’s Disease elicited considerable fear and anxiety. The instinct of course is to find a quick remedy that will calm the tremor down or make it go away.

There are certainly medications of one type or another that will silence a  tremor in the short term. For many people relief [if even in the short term] is most welcome. You have ask for a recommendation on a medication that will do just that – silence the tremor whether in the short term or the long term.

There are variety of herbs and prescription medications that will serve that purpose and provide just that type of relief. I have interviewed several herbalists who recommend one herb or another for tremors – so this is clearly an avenue you might want to pursue. Aunt Bean makes a homemade tincture from fava beans which gives her incredible relief from her symptoms. You can find more information about her remedy on the Parkinsons Recovery Fava Bean website. []

Let me suggest an alternative approach to this puzzle. Instead of dampening the symptom
– investigate more systematically. Why is your body telling you that something is currently out of balance? Treat the tremor as valuable information your body is giving you right now.

Have you been exposed to toxins of one type or another?

  • How about exposure to Agent Orange?
  • How about exposure to radiation?
  • How about exposure to pesticides?
  • How about exposure to heavy metals?

We have discovered that unwelcome critters that live inside your body can also create neurological havoc.

  1. Is Lyme Disease a possible factor for you? It’s symptoms are the same as those of Parkinson’s
  2. Do you possibly have an overgrowth of candida? This can cause the symptoms too.
  3. Is it possible that you have a reaction to a tetanus inoculation? Sharry Edwards has discovered that tetanus is a primary factor for a surprising number of people who have had BioAcoustic profiling done.

I will not attempt to provide a full of possible causes list since it would take a book and this is only a short post in a blog. Consider the above as a short list of possible factors that may be causing your tremor.

Most importantly, use your intention to dampen the fear that your friend has triggered. Once you determine the factor (or factors) that are causing the tremor, you will be able to find a resolution to the problem. One the cause has been identified and treated you will no longer need to mask the symptom with a prescription drug or herb.

Might I suggest that the perfect New Year’s Resolution for you would be to set the intention to determine the cause of your tremor, to treat it and subsequently become symptom free in 2012.

I just released Pioneers of Recovery 2012 which includes the stories of 11 persons with Parkinsons who reversed their symptoms. Each pioneer was a guest on my radio show. You
can listen to the shows as you investigate causes that may be factors or you can read about their stories in Pioneers of Recovery 2012.

The one and only person who can solve the puzzle of why you are experiencing a tremor is you. Join with others on the road to recovery as you set the intention to heal the tremor instead of treating it symptomatically,

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Pioneers of Recovery

Tremors and CoQ10

My holistic doctor wants me to take coq10.  But every time I try to take it my tremors are worse. Can you tell me why?

Thank you.


The key question I would ask is this. What brand of Co-Q10 are your taking? Dr. Laurie Mischley, ND, reported on my radio show last year in June, 2010 that only a few brands of this supplement really work. She explains why on the radio show. Her explanation is well worth hearing:

She explained on the radio show that many brands of Co-Q10 are sold, but if you purchase the less expensive brands you are throwing your money away. A tablet that you melt under your tongue is most effective.

PLease listen to the show. If you are taking one of the brands she recommends, then write me back and I will research this further for you.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Pioneers of Recovery

Hidden Gift of Tremors

Many people who happen to currently experience the symptoms of Parkinson’s think of tremors as a problem and a nuisance. Recovery from Parkinson’s disease means that you have successfully eradicated the tremor or, at a minimum, numbed your neurological system so that the tremor does not exist.

There is an alternative mindset that some people have adopted to their great advantage. Professional photographer Alan Babbitt finds his tremor is a huge advantage. Instead of trying to still his hand when he takes pictures, Allan allow his camera to jiggle in whatever position his hands move. He has produced a remarkable series of pictures that he aptly describes as “”tremor enhanced” work that are incredible in every respect. I was so taken by his images that I contracted with Alan to use one of his images as the featured cover of my book Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease.

A second person with Parkinson’s who has used his tremor to great advantage is Whit Deschner.  Whit is the founder of the Salt Lick contest in Baker City, Oregon which raises money for Parkinsons research every year.  Whit was my featured guest on my radio show this week.  How does author and humorist Whit Deschner uses his tremor to great advantage?

I have no doubt there are many answers to this question, given Whit’s off the chart creativity and innovativeness.  Like Alan Babbitt, Whit has found his tremor to be of immense advantage in his own photography.  Whit has always loved to take pictures, especially pictures of children as they are jumping. After experiencing the symptoms of Parkinson’s beginning 10 years ago, Whit found that when he began taking a picture of a child jumping his finger continued to snap the shot. Instead of one shot, he would invariably wind up with a long series of single shots taken with his still camera.

What do you do with a long series of single shots of the same scene? Choose the “best”?  Or, use them all in a sequence of slide show like images. When you string together all of  the pictures in sequence, it looks much like a movie of the scene such as a child jumping. ‘Talk about being creative!

There is a Youtube link below to a 9 minute video that tells the history of horses on Whit’s ranch.  It is well worth taking 9 minutes of time in your busy day to watch this video. When you watch, pay particular attention to the many segments where you see evidence of Whit using all of the images from a still camera. Instead of seeing a still picture, you see a horse gracefully moving through a pasture or smiling back at you with a sweet grin on his face.

There is no mention of how Whit Deschner has used to advantage his tremor in this video, but I wanted you to know because I just learned how he did it today.

Some people think of tremors of a liability. Other people – like Whit and Alan – think of tremors as an asset which has led to remarkable  discoveries and innovations. It is a choice for everyone.

Anyone else out there with a story they would like to share?

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

How to Calm Tremors Naturally

Gord Summer was a guest on my weekly radio show on December 29, 2010. In this video of Gord’s impromptu presentation at the Parkinsons Recovery Summit in March, 2011, Gord demonstrates how he is able to control his own tremors using the power of the mind. His approach is powerful, simple, natural and free.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

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Treatments for Tremors

I have a non-Parkinson’s essential tremor, also known as a familial tremor. Does anything you do address any of these types of symptoms? I would love to know if you address the symptoms separately or the condition itself?

Thanks so much!



My response will likely come as somewhat of a surprise to you. I approach symptoms from the perspective of a researcher. My approach is markedly different than the approach taken by medical doctors. Medical doctors are trained and qualified at diagnosing illness.

From your question, I gather that a diagnosis has been declared. Once the diagnosis is made, medical doctors are in a position to prescribe specific treatment protocols in the form of prescription medicines and/or surgeries. Be advised that I am not qualified or trained to practice medicine in this manner.

I have a quite different perspective. I do not believe that diagnosing conditions is conducive to health and wellness. Once we fall into the trap of wondering what is wrong with our bodies by insisting on a formal diagnosis, we embrace a plethora of negative thought forms that have very low frequency. Wondering what is wrong with our bodies is not the route to health and wellness. The diagnostic approach is depressing. It also depresses our life force.

More importantly, a diagnostic approach to health assumes that the solutions falls outside of us. Someone else surely has a medicine or a surgery that will fix us. This disempowers our ability to heal. I believe that all healing comes from a place within each of us and that we all have the capacity and power to heal. The more I learn about the body, the more I honor the miracle of life.

In the second edition of my book, Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease, I do include some of the treatments for tremors that people have reported to me help them get relief. But I must say, if there is a tremor, the more important question to ask is:

What is your body telling you?

If a tremor is present, something is out of balance. You can treat a symptom such as a tremor, but why not get to the root reason your tremor? Once you identify the cause, you can address it rather than trying to mask the symptom.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

Treatments for Tremors


What are some treatments which relieve tremors?



I am very hesitant to provide a listing of all the treatments and therapies people have told me help to relieve their tremors. Why? After all – putting out such as list would impress everyone, wouldn’t? This guy has great suggestions people would say. Well – maybe.

I do offer suggestions in my books by way of reference, but the problem I have with providing specifics is that I know little about your actual situation. The question itself hits up against the strategy of masking symptoms rather than identifying the root cause.

When there are tremors – as in your case – your body is sending you a strong message that something is seriously out of balance. Perhaps the imbalance involves exposure to toxins. Perhaps it involves a past trauma that is unresolved. Perhaps it involves living a stressful life that offers your body little relief from a continuous adrenaline rush. Perhaps it is due to an insufficiency of certain substances the body needs to create energy.  There is a long list of possible causes.

I think the better questions to ask first are:

  • Why is my body sending me this strong signal?
  • What is causing my body to react as it is reacting now?

There are indeed a long list of possible answers to these  questions. How do you find the answers to these questions?

A variety of assessments are available to you that can provide rich information about any and all imbalances in your body. These include (among others) bioenergetic testing, saliva tests, voice analysis, hair analysis to ascertain the presence of toxins and a wide variety of standard medical tests.

Health care practitioners have creative ways of ascertaining the root cause using muscle testing. We teach people how to use muscle testing at our Jump Start to Wellness programs because it is an approach that requires no cost to you.

In summary, I would say in response to your question that yes – it is certainly possible to mask a tremor with a wide variety of approaches including prescription medications, natural herbs and exercise.  With most such treatments (other than exercise)  more and more dosage is needed over time to get the same effect. You ultimately wind up creating more problems for yourself as the imbalances become more pronounced.

Why not ask a different set of questions here?

What is the underlying cause here?

What is my body telling me in the moment?

Once you figure out the answer to these questions you can find  a treatment or therapy that will address the cause. With this approach masking the tremor becomes irrelevant.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

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